Saturday, October 22, 2005

TOLD you my next post would be a cute kitty picture.

This is Poosay. Isn't she cute? Plus she is a mighty hunter, killed a copperhead once. Not a big copperhead but still! Another member of my Texas aunt & uncle's menagerie. Now I have to go pack up for a trip up the Hudson tomorrow - the Pier63 hold gang is off to see some foliage, we're taking a train up, renting boats & spending the day in the Hudson Highlands, which is the most dramatic section of the Hudson & I believe the one that inspired most of the Hudson River School artists that did all those amazing landscapes back in the 19th century. Still looks like that, too. Hope to get some nice pictures!

And I think I have to declare a winner in the Frogma Language Abuse Contest, although it wasn't really a contest, just me being curious about other people's language-related pet peeves. I enjoyed all the comments but michlt of Rivertyde really cracked me up with his:

I just got back from a conference where publisher representatives were presenting us with their fall/winter releases. While these are not individual words, they are phrases that the publisher reps actually used:

1. "incentivize the customer" -- from Rep #1
2. "divisionalized structure" (of the market)-- from Rep #2

And one phrase for you from a book critic writing for which is just plain 'wrong'!

"Equally concerning to critics..."

'Concerning to'? where did he get THAT?

I don't know which bothered me more: the phrases themselves or their source. It would be better that the words(?) 'incentivize' and 'divisionalize' should never be spoken, or even thought, by anyone ever again. I even feel guilty for typing them.

I think I found this so impressive because all 3 are from industries where having a good command of the English language would seem to be a prerequisite. Had they been heard during a meeting at an advertising agency, they still would have been interesting, but there would have been a bit less of a surprise factor! I think that's what made this one sort of jump out at me.

Anyhow, must go pack for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be FUN. Trip report to follow during the week!

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