Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frogma Is 5!

Happy Bloggiversary to you,
Happy Froggiversary to you,
Happy Amphibibloggiversary, dear Frogma,
Froggy-Bloggy-Versary to you!

Yep, five years ago I sat down at this very desk (but a waaaaay older computer) and typed up my very first blog post - What's a Frogma? You see, I had the name a long time before I had the blog & that post was the story of where I got it (a lot of you know but if you don't & you wondered, well, there it is).

Oh, and if you don't know, you probably missed the post where we had a lot of fun with "ogma's"! (hey, look, it's my old comments!)

I honestly didn't give it a month. I'd tried keeping journals plenty of times. I think the record was maybe a week. But journals were never anywhere NEAR that much pun. I mean fun. No, I mean pun (and boy were those some mean puns)!

Anyways - you know what I mean, right?

Thanks EVERYBODY for making it that way - this blog seriously wouldn't have made it this long if it weren't for all the people I've met doing this!

Here's a funny thing - in that very first post, I mentioned that at the time I came up with the name, the only other use of the word that Mr. Google found was the name of "some band in Denmark or someplace".

Well, I don't know where I got Denmark, they were actually from Newcastle upon Tyne, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that tonight, five years after I first piggybacked this blog onto a name they'd been using all along , I actually listened to the music of the ORIGINAL Frogma for the very first time!

You see, when I started this blog, I was using an older computer. It was a good one, the friend who passed it on to me is an IT professional & had to have the absolute latest & greatest to be able to work from home on days when he was on call & so his secondhand computer was probably about a hundred times better than anything I would've ever bought for myself - but it never made noise because I never got around to buying speakers! So when I googled Frogma, I was in a words-and-pictures world. Tonight was the first time I was thinking about Frogma the band since I got the new computer, and I thought - "Oh, that's right, it was a band first - I could actually HEAR them now!"

Liked what I heard, too. At some point, they split up & moved on to other bands, but their MySpace page is still there - go on & have a listen for yourself!


O Docker said...

Congrats! You should celebrate by opening a fifth of something.

What is that in frog years?

Jos said...

Congratulations indeed!

On to the next five?

Carol Anne said...

One of the things about a blog that distinguishes it from a conventional journal is the interactive nature of the beast. I, too, have made attempts at keeping a journal or diary, and those generally failed dismally. My blog, too, is approaching five years, which is a major record.

For some people, having an audience for a journal is the kick that it takes to keep it up. I know that I often am thinking of my readers (or sometimes just one particular reader) when I post things.

Happy bloggiversary!

Joe said...

Hau`oli la hanau to your blog! Have a froggy day.

JP said...

Congrats, thats quite an achievement. On with the next 5 - keep up the good work!

BTW: have you ever worked out how many words that adds up to?

(it seems to be a money related word verification day. Over on Tillerman it was "moneys" and here it is "pound")

will said...

hearty huzzahs!! yours was the first blog i thought interesting!! i wouldn't be blogging now if it weren't for frogma. we must have a toast soon!!

Ol' Philosophizer said...

Congratulations on the last five, and good luck on completing the next five. If one human year equals four dog years, what's the equivalent in blog years? From my experience, it has to be at least twice that number.

What I find to be amazing is that you can post so often, and still keep it interesting. You appear to have a much wider range of interests than some of us bloggers who are definitely one trick ponies. That bodes well for your continued success.

John Edward Harris said...

Way to go Bonnie! Let's schedule a celebratory blog grog.

How did you get that little hat on the frog and get it to toot a party horn?

bonnie said...

Whoa! What a great start to a day! Thanks everybody!

Michael said...

Well, well well! What a well of fun and info you've provided us over the past 5 years! Thanks so much! All the best!

Buck said...

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
...and mahalo.

Tillerman said...

Congratulations. Proper Course's 5 year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks too. Yours is one of the few blogs that I followed in those early days that is still around. Well done!

bonnie said...

I got curious about the frog years thing. Intensive research (or at least research as intensive as I can afford to do on a non-work topic during the business day, which works out to about 5 minutes on Google) reveals that the average life expectancy of captive frogs ranges from 6 to 16 years depending on species. If we take the average, that's about 11 years, which is curiously about the same as the average life expectancy of dogs. So frog years = dog years, so Frogma is 40 in frog years!

Blog years was more interesting - if you take the average lifespan of ALL blogs ever set up, well, you get so many like this "Sebago" blog (not my club!) that 5 years is, like, geological time. Weed out the ones that never really took off in the first place & it sounds like the average is 2-3 years - in which case this blog (and heck, most of the blogs of the people who've commented here) is still positively Methuselanian!

O Docker said...

I should have known.

If you want to know your age in frog years and you have an iPhone, there's an app for it!

bonnie said...

Oh, the internet is a strange and wonderful place, isn't it?

Silbs said...

Congrats and kudos to you and the little dude with the party hat. You do good stuff.

Anonymous said...

congrats on 5 years - that's amazing to keep up with it for so long.

good luck going forward!


ps. my word verfication was "boxilie"...not sure what that has to do with money?

Anonymous said...

happy B Day. I found your blog by accident while reading about the 1,000 day launch. Going on 2 1/2 years. Hope you like the ice boat pic.

Dennis G

pia said...

Happy bloggeversary!

clairesgarden said...

many bloffiversyary blessings to you!!

PeconicPuffin said...

Frog years?

Happy Anniversary!

bowsprite said...

Happy FroggyFive!!!
i LOVE the party frog!