Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter's back, and Proxigean Tide approaches!

Nice little thaw we had there for a few days. There was hardly any ice in the Allegheny at all. Saturday was about as nice a paddling day as you could ask for out there.

Looks like the same was true here, too!

We now return to our regularly scheduled season.

I hope Saturday behaves itself - we've got another proxigean tide coming up on Saturday, and Sebago's been plotting a proper Proxigean Paddle. I'm particularly psyched because proxigee makes the highs higher & the lows lower, and the timing of the last one was good for catching the looooow low, and this time we'll be out on the other end of the cycle seeing the high high water. Conditions permitting, some of us want to head out to Ruffle Bar - there's a marsh there that lets you paddle quite far into the island at normal high water& we're wondering if with this, we might be able to paddle all the way through to the beach on the other side! Whether we can or not, it'll be most interesting to see the flipside of the extreme tide I posted about back in December '08.

And there's definitely a chance of seals!


DummyDiva said...

I'm looking forward to a Sat. paddle too. Also an island that to circumnavigate you need a high tide. The island is a wildlife refuge with many birds and seals go to pup. Fingers crossed for the both of us!

Carol Anne said...

The proxigean tide has a lot to do with how Pat's and my first boat, Syzygy, got its name. I'm going to have to tell that story now.

And I need to put up a new blog post anyway ... I don't want people to think I've disappeared from the face of the planet.

Ol' Philosophizer said...

I hope you don't mind my using your blog as an intermediary, but every time I try to leave a comment on the Cowboygrrl blog, I have been accused of using illegal characters. I thought I only did that in the stories I tell.

Anyway, I noticed that Cowboygrrl paddles an SOT, and is looking for tips on kayaks and training. I think she would find the forum at very helpful, and if you could relay that information I would no longer have to worry about illegal character censors. I guess the people at Blogger know that it's important to guard the blog-gates from the Malden Yacht Club.

Ol' P

DummyDiva said...

Hi Bonnie. Thanks for passing the comment along from 'Ol Philosophizer. Did you get out on the water today?