Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who's Tough?

Who's tough?

Brooklyn herring fishermen, that's who!

But so kind too - that sweet, sweet man, rescuing a poor chilly chicken & taking it someplace warm...


Me, I didn't leave my apartment on Sunday. It just sounded too cold outside, the rattling branches & the moaning winds. There were errands I could have run. I didn't.

Let's see, who else is tough? Oh, Marcus and Biff are tough. Looks like good progress so far. Hope they continue to do well once they turn the corner to the more open coast.

Oh, and O-Docker & his happy waving spouse are tough, too. Such fiendishly brutal conditions! How do they stand it?

BTW, The herring fishing link that sort of got me going on the "Who's tough?" line (I always admire the fisherfolk as being others who stay out there when conditions are less than smiling blue summer-sky calm) was sent by "AndyTechie", a clubmate at Sebago & one of the other members of the Sebago blog. He's a fisherman himself & is doing his best to get some other clubmates "hooked" ha ha - at the Frostbite Regatta, he told us a little bit about herring fishing when the herring are running, and weather, fish & time frames permitting, he's going to organize a kayakless club outing to Canarsie Pier & show people how!

Scheduling allowing, I really hope to join in on that fun. He said even people who never fished before in their life would like it. Well, I haven't been fishing since I was a kid, but I loved it then & I don't see why I wouldn't still like it now.


O Docker said...

Bonnie, you have no idea how tough it was out there.

When we got to the city, our favorite deli was almost out of curried chutney chicken salad. These are the perils one faces sailing the treacherous waters of San Francisco Bay in the dead of winter.

Anonymous said...

Just read that the cold wave and blizards are caused by global warming. I feel warmer already! And the sunrise is one minute earlier every morning. Read Jack London - Tales of the Fish Patrol.

Dennis G

Pat said...

Oh, it was tough New Year's eve and day -- we had to roll up sails in semi-darkness and didn't have a camera that could catch a picture of the full moon rising over the water.

But yes, anglers are a breed apart.
I should know, having grown up around a bunch of them and having once worked on a party fishing boat in my youth.

As has been said,

"Old fishermen never die.
They just smell that way."

Desert Sea

bonnie said...

The sky actually still had a trace of light at 5PM!!!! WOOOHOOO!

PeconicPuffin said...

We windsurfers aren't tough...it was just too darn cold to go out!

Meanwhile yes the days are indeed getting longer...time to plan another (our annual?) Blogfest!

bonnie said...

Really? I bet you guys talked about going out, though. Must kill good windsurfers to have winds like that & not get out to play.

That was serious cold, though.

I'd love to have another get-together sometime before too long!