Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reid Stowe & Schooner Anne, 1000 Days At Sea

Schooner Anne heads to sea for 1000 days
Schooner Anne, Atlantic-bound, 4/21/2007

Originally posted a couple of days before the actual 1000th day. Reposting with minor edits on 1/16/2010, to coincide the actual date of the 1000th day at sea.

The pictures here are from Flickr gallery of the photos I took the day they left.

Reid Stowe, one of my dock neighbors back in the Pier 63 days, is coming up on his 1000th day at sea has been at sea for 1000 days, non-stop! Full details about the celebration are over on the 1000 Days website - this afternoon there was an event at the South Street Seaport Museum, and I expect that the party at the nearby pub is in full swing right now.

Congratulations to Reid, to Soanya (what a trouper that young lady turned out to be), and all the people from Pier 63 & beyond who worked together to make it happen. You guys must all be so proud!

Later note - There's a post over on H2uh0, gives a pretty good rundown of the entire trip to date.


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