Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh Frabjous Day!

Reasons I'm very happy, in no particular order:

My camera revived, just before I was going to pack it up & send it back to B&H for replacement.

I got a very nice apology from the CEO of Echo about the business with their customer support staff. I genuinely appreciated it.

I got my replacement replacement drysuit from Kokatat.

I've worked things out that I get to go on another sealwatching trip AND work in a visit with TQ in January (I was afraid it was going to be one or the other).

I got an email from TQ, he got a full-time job! He's living in an area with very high unemployment & work's been hard to come by. He's been making ends meet with a couple of different part-time jobs but it's been a long & occasionally lean year for him, so I'm thrilled he's got a solid 40 hours a week now.

And my boss gave me permission to take time off this summer to attend my 25th h.s. reunion.

In Hawaii!


I'm just a trifle excited about this, can you tell?



Michael said...

Wonderful! You've brightened my day with your news! I'll be shoveling the drive with a smile on my face. I think I've been infected... LOL

bonnie said...

Michael, I've been saying I was going to try. But yesterday was the first moment at which I actually began to believe I was really & truly going to do it.

Before that, it just felt like daydreaming. Suddenly it's real.

And all the other good stuff at the same time, too?

I'm walking on air.

Joe said...

My cousin was moaning on FaceBook how cold it was in Colorado. So all the relatives in Hawaii had to chime and say, "why did you move away?"

Have fun!

Carol Anne said...

Happy is very good.
Think warm thoughts, palm trees, coconuts, island breezes.

We're not going to the ocean quite any time soon, but at least a long weekend in Phoenix, AZ should warm us up a bit.

Ol' Philosophizer said...

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