Monday, April 18, 2011

Seal, watching

Just had to share another one of Vlad's marine-mammal encounter shots. This just cracks me up as the quintessential seal-watching shot - they always seem curious about us, but they do like to be the watchers, not the watch-ees!

Although Vlad said they were being pretty sociable that day & he got some enviable shots.

From Vlad's Staten Island Circumnavigation album.


Kayakers said...

Love the seals being the 'watch'ees! What a great pic!

moonstruck said...

Hudson River temp still in the mid 40 ies. Don't fall in!!

Pandabonium said...

Watchers tend to out survive watch'ees in the wild.

Wonderful when you can watch without ill intent.

Peter said...

Seals are always great to watch! We have an increase of seals in Sweden. Now the fishermen are fighting back and want to hunt them even more.