Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode To The Tuna Tower That Stands Between My Friend Dan's Trimaran Pretty Gee And The Launch Ramp.

Ratchet up the launch, you yat-chit,
Don't make Daniel use a hatchet!


Tillerman said...

There was a young man called Dan
Whose pride was a pretty trimaran
But this Spring he is shocked
His way to the launch is blocked
Quick! Someone come up with a plan!

Baydog said...

Get that yardmaster
to move a bit faster
and stop Dan's ailing
by getting Dan sailing

bonnie said...

When to bits a boat you will saw
Nothing handles like a Skilsaw!

O Docker said...

If a boat is a hole in the sea
Where money is tossed with ennui,
Then Dan shouldn't hate
Being made to wait.
There'll be time tomorrow for bankruptcy.

Adriftatsea said...

You are all insane.... *HUG* I guess that why I am friends with you...

adriftatsea said...

Btw, Bonnie's having trouble counting past two...the Pretty Gee is a TRImaran.... :-D

bonnie said...

I can only count books right now!!!

bonnie said...

The units of hull
are now three plus null!

Pandabonium said...

Blocking Pretty Gee
Like a rock in the river
Gun powder thunders

bonnie said...

Aaaah, haiku, so peaceful.