Friday, April 08, 2011


because apparently chickens are in.


Joe said...

"rant" - I had chickens when I was a kid....BIG PAIN IN THE ASS to take care of. Besides, Rex, our dog, would chase them all over the place. Have you seen feathers sticking out of the mouth of a dog?
Me: "Where's the chicken, Rex?"
Rex: "Chicken, what chicken?" Feathers pluming from same dog's mouth.
note: blogger hates this symbol < and this one >.

Back to sake.

Baydog said...

I hope the sake is cold with hyper-fresh uni and hamachi!

my2fish said...

we had chickens growing up too - never liked the nasty things. but we had TONS of eggs, which was nice.

the pig we had, on the other hand, was hilarious. we kept him in the same pen as the chickens - my brothers and I would climb onto the chicken coop roof and try to jump off the roof onto the pig's back, and then ride him around the chicken yard like a cowboy (never with much success, though!)

those were the good ol' days.