Saturday, April 02, 2011


Passed my Vessel Safety Check for 2011 today. Sort of fun since this time I wasn't really planning on being inspected, but they were doing checks at the cold-water thing, and I had all my stuff, so I figured I'd let 'em look. Yay!

For more information on the US Coast Guard Auxiliary's complimentary Vessel Safety Check program, click here.


Baydog said...

Bonnie, do they really expect you to carry a fire extinguisher? By rolling you can probably take care of that problem?!

Tillerman said...

What kind of battery cover do you have?

bonnie said...

Battery cover? well, there's a little sliding one with a latch on my waterproof camera. And as far as fire extinguishers, I think the manual bilge pumps we all carry would work fine! :D