Thursday, July 07, 2011

I guess I won't need to go water my garden tonight.

4 pm or so:
Manhattan Thunderstorm 7 7 2011

speaking of which, here's how that's coming along:

Cukes doing great


Tomatoes got off to a good start, but we may have an issue - I think there's some sort of blossom rot thing going on... :(


Chard good as always (so reliable, so easy), beets need replanting, onions & herbs rocking the plot, still think I want to throw in a few more basil seedlings.

OK, back to work now.


clairesgarden said...

chard!! I am going to plant some right now before I forget again!!!! rain on the way here too.

bonnie said...

Chard rocks. I think that in my 4 years of gardening, the chard is the only annual crop that has simply not ever had any problems due to bugs, fungi or just plain having particular likes & dislikes of things like sun/rain balance.