Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Good grief. Those turkeys. They did it. The Transit Workers Union went on strike.

Y'know, I heard Roger Toussaint (the head of the union) say this morning, "They left us no choice".

Um. Yeah. Right, Roger. Tell me another one.

Well, I'd love to gripe about both sides (that's gonna be a popular theme on New York City blogs) but I've got around seven miles of ground to cover, preferably by around 9. There is actually a carpool form-up site near Prospect Park, that's not more than about a 20-minute walk - I figure I will walk over that way, see what the situation is there, then figure out what to do from there.

Isn't this fun?

And with that,

Heigh ho, heigh ho...

8:20 A.M.

I am sorry. I am the most boring New York City blogger in New York City. I have no exciting tales. I bundled up, I walked the mile or so to the carpool place, I think I saw a hawk, and there was a car-service guy there right when I got there who had space for one more person, I figured an SUV in the hand was worth the $20 he quoted to get me into the city and here I am at work 40 minutes early. Ho hum. Even the traffic wasn't that bad - bit of a wait getting onto the bridge, but that was just because there was a semi-roadblock so that the cops could make sure that every car had at least 4 people in it, but once you got past that, zoom. Not very exciting, really.

Plenty of hardy folks walking & biking over the bridge though!

Of course there's still the getting home part. Heh heh.

9:40 update: I don't suppose that the fact that I ended up with the song "Dominic the Donkey (the Italian Christmas Donkey) on an endless loop in my head because that was the last thing on the car service radio when I jumped out on Broadway makes this any less boring than it already was.

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