Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Band Names...

As chosen by a rawther tipsy schooner staff on the hottest night of the summer so far (don't worry, no boats were harmed - or even involved, for that matter):

translation for those who can't quite make out Capt. R's crayoning:
The Sump Pumps
Boom Crutch (the skipper mis-heard this one - Boom Crush is not too bad either though...)
Angry Dolphin
Water Pump (crossed off list 'cause the other varieties of pump were far more interesting)
The Bilge Pumps
Blackwater Pump (we liked this one for the sheer yuckiness of it, particularly in light of the fact that only boaters know just how yucky that is...)
The Lazyjacks

Whaddayathink? Any bands out there looking for names? At this point our band roster stands at 1 real live classical guitarist, 2 tin whistle players and a couple of people who don't mind getting silly with a microphone in public, so I don't think we'll be using any of those too soon!

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