Monday, July 31, 2006

First days back at work DON'T rock (but dang, that workshop did).

Wellll, here it is 10 pm and I am just wrapping up this quarterly report I do for this not-for-profit organization - Really Big Children's Publishing House is probably their biggest member - once a quarter I have to fill out a questionnaire by a set of categories which our reporting systems do not provide in the particular format required. Lots of roundabout research & parsing things together & eventually I do get there but UGH, it's tough. It usually ends up being one of these things that I prefer to just do in one big lump - once I'm chugging along on it I do OK.

Anyways, I got it done & that was the biggest, ugliest chunk of work I came back to.

The nice thing - if you can call it nice - was that I knew it was going to be waiting. I worked enough extra hours getting ready to be away last week; this one was a little more than I was ready to deal with. Figured I'd knock it out today. I did, too. Boy, it was rough, though - I had such a nice active outdoorsy week last week, starting with Greenland-at-Sea Cliff & going on to NC, it was tough to sit myself down in my cubicle & get anything done. One big fidget, that was me. Think I finally hit my stride, oh, around 4:45 or so. Sigh.

Hopefully, though, having knocked this one out, my plate's clear enough to ensure my planned response to this ridiculous heat wave - rolling and rescue practice tomorrow after work! woo hoo! Time to go fall in the water repeatedly, see if any of the stuff I was doing with Cheri & Turner stuck. I find everything I do that involving the Greenland style rolling is a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back process - only a certain amount sticks each time - but as long as the cumulative effect is that I'm feeling like my skills are increasing & I haven't totally plateaued out (or worse, started to regress), I'm happy.

BTW , with everything I've had going on I haven't had much time to write about that workshop, and the way my summer is going I don't know if I'll even get back to it, but Mr. Sea Level has done a really nice post about the day - head on over there for a better writeup!

I think I made some jokes about how I organized that workshop out of purely selfish motivations - most of Cheri & Turner's workshops have been too far away for me to get to easily, so my schtick was that I just did it 'cause I wanted them to come to somewhere I could get to them - but seriously, I was so happy to be able to give 6 other friends the chance to do that too. I saw a lot of people doing a lot of amazing things that day - wasn't surprised, that was just what I'd expected and I really am happy to have had the day work out so well.

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