Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why I don't rant much these days...

Or -
Why I Now
Only Rants
On Pants.

Perfect example today.

Over the last few years, under the Bush administration, we've had the country's top official legal minds figuring out how to ignore the Geneva Convention, and how to maintain a prison where people can be taken and held and tried in ways that the Supreme Court has now said isn't legal...and so on...

And then today Bush vetoes stem cell research and making a statement about it that includes the phrases "America must never abandon our fundamental morals", and " it also offers temptations to manipulate human life and violate human dignity. Our conscience in history as a nation demand that we resist this temptation."

And then I become very confused & depressed and decide that since I can't begin to figure out anything worth saying that I haven't seen written better in five hundred other places, and most of the people who visit probably just want to read about my water stuff, and so I go there instead.


Seriously - the headlines lately have just been too depressing, and I just don't have the free time it would take to write anything more than the insanely obvious "Wow, things just don't seem to be getting any better".

Anybody else get that same feeling these days?

OK. End of break. Back to work. Tons to do.

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