Friday, September 21, 2007

Gone Paddling...

You know these paddling blogs.

Every now & then, we just go into hiatus for a few days, because we're running off beyond easy reach of electronic communications.

My turn. YAY. Although 6 am launches do sort of bite.

Off on the first 3-day leg of the 5-year circumnavigation of L.I. I've been mentioning on & off. Year 1 - Paerdegat Basin to Long Beach to Fire Island to Smith Point. 2 25 milers and an 18. Here we goooooo!

One good thing - we've got (knock a Greenland paddle) the perfect weather for it. Mid-80's, wind 5-10 kts.

This morning's mantra:

Sunrises are pretty. Sunrises are pretty. Sunrises are pretty. And this is going to be fun.

Trip report next week. Have a good weekend!

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