Monday, September 10, 2007

Take the A Train

9/10/07 Note: I'm floating this up to the top because it just so happens that today marks the A train's 75th anniversary! I totally didn't realize that was approaching when I posted this.

I don't feel like this blog's been very New Yorky lately.

So here's the A train. There, youse.

Did I mention that I circumnavigated Jamaica Bay on Monday? Worked out to be a nice day. Getting in that 2nd solid day in the boat was a good exercise to prep for this 3-day excursion too - I believe I'm basically in good enough physical shape to do 25 miles, 25 miles & 18, but I think I should take some gloves (my hands were feeling tenderer by the end than I thought they would) and maybe some of that BodyGlide chafe stuff that Tillerman recommended to Scott Chicken when Scott Chicken was running his first marathon. Plus I either have to stay off my surfski or I have to pay attention & do it in a way that I don't paddle my tailbone raw - there's something about the ski that makes me ignore discomfort but my hide needs to be intact when we start. Bizarre that it looks like it's all gonna come down to skin care. Anyways, should be fun.

More pictures from my circumnavigation probably next week, including Gollum's NYC pied a terre - actually it's more a l'eau - and the place where they keep the alligators, you know the ones I'm talking about, right?

No posts for a few days as I'm off to Norwalk this weekend to help out at the The Small Boat Shop's Demo Day Sale. Did that last year, it's fun - here were some pictures. This year it looks like I'll be doing a bit of a Greenland rolling demo on Saturday, filling in for their (very very good) usual guy Dominic, who can't make it that day - that'll be fun & a good warmup for the weekend after when there's something in my calendar about observing a BCU 2-star type class one day & teaching some G-style the next. Location: Lake Champlain (YAY!) - instructor: an old friend from Manhattan Kayak days (Double YAY!) Then the week after that is Long Island Part I. Oy. It's all going to be wonderful but the week after that I think I'm going to get some groceries on the way home on Friday, pick up a couple of good books too & cocoon all weekend. I don't particularly plan my life to be that hectic, that's just where things fell out, you know?

Just as well at this time of year. We're in the leadup to Sept. 11th of course. They were testing the beams for the Tribute in Light tonight, it's all over the paper & my mind starts replaying random bits of that day. Not saying I'm trying to ignore it - that's just not possible, nor would it be desirable. I always make time for reflection, even if it has to be a late night visit to the site because quarter end close has me working long hours. But it's better to have good stuff to be doing - keeps it all at reflection level, not make myself miserable level.

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