Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Want to See This Movie...

Thursday 9/13 note - TQ and I did go see this last night. Amazing documentary of a terribly sad story and I really, really recommend it. Anyone interested in sailing, yacht racing, or really any sort of the pushing-the-bounds-of-human-endurance type adventure sports events that are so popular in our day and age will find it fascinating. The contrast between the footage of Knox-Johnston in Suhaili, Moitessier in the Joshua, and Crowhurst and his odd little Teignmouth Electron is in itself remarkable - and the filmmakers spoke to so many people who were involved, you end up with such a clear picture of how he came to do what he did.

It's sad. More than once, you see one of the interviewees choking back tears. I was choking back a few myself.

Returning to regular programming - if there was any way I could, I would be going to see Deep Water at the Angelika Film Center - it's the story of Donald Crowhurst's participation in the first nonstop solo circumnavigation race back in the late 1960's. It's showing tonight & tomorrow & you can buy tickets at that link. Cripes I want to see it. May drag TQ into the city for it, he's down tonight anyways & I think he'd enjoy it.

This has been a story that gives me goosebumps just thinking about it ever since I first read about the race. I'm always fascinated by people who push the limits of what flesh and blood and equipment can do - this has to be one of the scarier ones. Not just simple death or failure...

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