Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jet Ski Update

By sheer coincidence, one of my fellow Sebagoites just got a notice concerning a proposal by the National Park Service to weaken the (already totally unenforced) jet ski ban in Jamaica Bay. I don't have time to opinionate here, just wanted to post the link to the Sebago blog. Includes better information about what to do & most importantly, where written comments need to be sent by October 4th to be considered. I don't think you need to be an NYC resident to send in your 2 cents worth - this is a NATIONAL Park Service issue & I imagine it could set a precedent for weakening the ban elsewhere.

I still actually have it in me to feel kind of sorry for the jetskiers who had their recreational access taken away by the ban -- I see them out there & they're enjoying a nice day on the water same as I do, albeit in a smellier, noisier way -- but the Bay is so fragile & it seems like even an incremental measure like this should be supported. And there must be launches they can trailer to so they can still get out on the water.

And with all the reading I've been doing on the subject (in my nonexistent free time) I think I'd like to nominate Reef the Planet Protector for the Ironic Toy of the Year Award.

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