Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Terrific Trip to TX.

Yes, t'was Texas!

Yesterday's sleepy horse has actually been introduced on this blog before, but she's worth reintroducing. Her name is Cindy, and she's part of my Texas aunt & uncle's sweet-tempered menagerie. Here's a prettier picture of her.

She is totally allowed to be sleepy. She is 31 years old and in her time she was a competitive trail horse - my uncle won a couple of awards riding her. She's also been the friendly introduction to riding for probably most of my second cousins down there (including the one whose wedding I went down for). She's retired from competition although she still gets ridden gently around the property - although not recently as she hurt a leg & was a little lame for a while.

She does appear to be healing though. Especially at dinnertime!

The longhorn belonged to the father of a neighbor down the road, who is taking care of his father's small herd while his father builds a barn even further down the road. Here are a few more occupants of the same pasture -

and 2 more, plus my aunt & uncle's dog Jack, reprising his role as "Dog" in "Dog & Pony Show The Sequel - What A Lovely Pair of Paints!"

Missed the original "Dog & Pony Show"? Check it out here!

Always a pleasure visiting my aunt & uncle & their equine/feline/canine crew.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the llama down the lane!

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