Monday, December 03, 2007

Very Odd Kayak News

What a strange, strange story one of my Pacific Rim blogging friends sent me to in yesterday's comments.

Seems a gentleman in the UK goes kayaking one day in the spring of 2002. Fails to come home. Massive search, lifeboats, helicopters, all for naught. His boat is eventually found broken into three pieces. He is presumed dead.

Last Saturday, the first of December, he walked into a police station in London and says,

"I think I am a missing person".

The police and his family are trying to piece the puzzle together.

Fascinating. Thanks, Pandabonium.

side note - at the request of a much more local blogging friend, I have added Frogma to FeedBurner & have now got one of those little linky things to make it easy to subscribe if one were so inclined. Down past the blogrolls & archives. Oy, the blogrolls...there's a blizzard project. Blogroll updates & haircuts - once a year whether I need 'em or not!

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