Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Western Storms - winners & not so lucky. And whales.

Well, it seems there's ONE set of people who enjoyed last week's Western storms. As I've mentioned before, it's the jetskiers who do this sort of stuff that make me totally unable hate jetskis even though as a kayaker I'm supposed to - yes, I know there's the anti-jetski language in the blood oath you take when you become a paddler but -- shhh, don't tell! -- I kept my fingers crossed behind my back for that part!

Still don't want 'em mucking up Jamaica Bay but the surfing safety crews are pretty amazing to watch in their own right, even though the surfers are the stars.

One of these days maybe I will get to hear the sound track - current circumstances happen to be that none of the computers in my life make noise. I know, it's weird, I just don't use 'em that way much...

Thanks Mr. SeaLevel!

Funny thing was with all the West Coast storm news I hadn't heard about the terrible weather in Hawaii. My folks came out fine although one of their neighbors lost their old BMW when a tree fell on it. Fortunately it was junky old, not cool old. But still, that has to be a drag to walk out of your house to go to work in the morning and...

There was a hiker from Michigan lost in the blizzard on Mauna Kea - don't think they've found him yet. How awful to go to Hawaii for a vacation & be lost in a snowstorm.

OK, sorry, that's gloomy. So here, I'll close with a link to a fascinating article about whales. Enjoy.

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