Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Water access gets taken to court.

Quickest of lunchtime posts...

For those of us who live in places where providing water access to the public is not something with which the Powers that Be are entirely comfortable, it's awfully frustrating to read something like this.

BTW, this seems like a good time for my twice-a-year plug - if you're thinking of winter boating, and you don't already know the score, PLEASE avail yourself of some of the information that's available about the risks entailed by cold water activities. Chuck Sutherland's cold-water boating site has a great deal of very useful information, you can find plenty more in a google search, or contact your local kayak or canoe club or outfitter for information. For those of us who have atttended cold-water workshops, read the info, etc. - a review never hurts, right?

Off-season boating is a wonderful, wonderful thing - the waterways empty, peace descends, it's beautiful - but it's so important to treat that cold water with the proper respect.

End of lecture. To be repeated in the Spring, when the air starts returning to tempting temperatures.

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