Friday, December 07, 2007

Enough oddness.

OK, that's enough oddness for THIS blog for one week.

Here is a nice, normal TUGBOAT.

The Bridgeport. Jamaica Bay, September 2007. Tugster Will, if you are reading you will want to look at the full-sized version. Very smart-looking tug.

Another nice, normal TUGBOAT.

The Bulldozer, September 2007, East Norwalk, CT.

And here's a nice, normal JUNK.

No, wait. That's not normal. That's odd. At least in East Norwalk, CT. Maybe in Hong Kong Harbor...

But there's icky odd and there's odd in a nice way...

I'd say the Mon Le is the latter. Wouldn't you?

Actually I was quite surprised to see the Mon Le in Connecticut because she used to have a berth near the Intrepid. I'd see her a lot when I was paddling out of Pier 63. Have no idea what the story on the junk is but I was heading for the Ascenscion Beach Club and "Oh, hello again, long time no see!"

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matthew houskeeper said...

Norwalk Cove Marina has large lifts that can haul heavy boats such as this. Most likely that is why she goes there in the winter.