Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Holy Mad Cow! Frogma Is Three (and change)!

Well, tonight, I was totally going to wrap up the whys and wherefores of last week's Quest for the Storied Peas of Mushiness, but first I was reading a few blogs including the EVK4 SuperBlog's 1000-days-at-blog post (congratulations, Ed, and hey when exactly did the bloglet become a superblog?).

I was about to leave a comment saying that part of why I'm finding Reid & Soanya's unusual epic so fascinating is because I know I'd be going nuts right about now (I could never sail PAST Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc., etc., like they are doing - we're talking a whole string of wildest-dream vacation spots, I'd be going "So, howsabout you drop me off, I'll take the dinghy in, go paddle with Francis, check out some ugly cat statues, you go sail around and come pick me up in a week or so, I won't bring so much as a durian so YOU can still get the record, OK?") & I've actually been impressed by Soanya's commitment & the fact that aside from seasick days, she still seems to be happy where she is -

And I guess I was thinking about doing things for long stretches of time, and before I could start blithering, it hit me that my blog had to be turning 3 in here somewhere - and I went & checked it out and sure enough, I posted my first post on January 20, 2005.

Three years and 2 days.

Seeing as how every paper journal I've ever kept has sputtered out after a couple of weeks, I have to say I wouldn't have given it that long...but here I still am. Wow, happy belated birthday, Frogma.

Now I think I'm supposed to do some sort of very thoughtful review of the 3 years, but, well, yesterday was awfully thoughtful and, um, it's late, and I need to go to work early because the Sebago Sailing Co-Chairs are holding a Sebago Sailing Committee meeting at their place & with thai food, sailing videos and talk of these Racing Rules of which I have heard tell all on the agenda as well as the basic scheduling, I can't resist going. So I need to wrap up, which I will do by saying THANKS for reading and commenting and writing your own blogs and making this all a lot of fun!

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