Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lunchtime Links

Quick lunchtime post, just to get a couple of things up I've been wanting to mention -

1. Broadwater news!

This was sent to me by Harry Bubbins at Friends of Brook Park - he's one of our more active local activists. These days, it sometimes seems like our local governments are far too eager to hand over land to private, corporate endeavours - we've got 3 of these in play in Brooklyn alone right now, Bruce Ratner's land grab at Atlantic Yards, the Brooklyn Bridge Park where there's concern that the park is going to just turn into a private backyard for the condominiums, and Coney Island. Broadwater wasn't a residential/business complex, it's a 10-story tall LNG processing barge (I'm using Wikipedia references as they do a pretty good job of giving both sides of the story) that Shell would like to park in the middle of Long Island Sound. Area boaters have been protesting this vehemently & although it hasn't been shot down completely, at least it looks like the government controls that are supposed to protect our environment are in this case being enforced, and Broadwater Energy is going to have to go through all the hoops something that size SHOULD have to go through before it can be plunked down in the middle of the Sound. Yay.

2. On a lighter note - my friend Marcus is off again. Or at least in the planning process. Sounds spectacular, assuming the bears leave him alone - good luck, Marcus! And thanks, Wenley, for posting about it - I'd heard about it but somehow this Brooklynite needed to get reminded by everyone's favorite Spanish kayaking bad-boy blogger about what her fellow Brooklynite was up to. To make it even more global, I spotted Wenley's entry on Paddling Planet, an aggregator run by Rene Seindal, in Denmark.

When it's not being the worst, isn't the Internet the best?

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