Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sylvie the Dog, in characteristic waiting-for-owner-Joe mode.

She's not the most outgoing dog in the world, but I respect that in a dog. She reminds me of Mistie, the Sheltie I had when I was a kid. She was friendly, but dignified.

But find a tennis ball and oh boy.

I've played with her pretty much every time I've seen her since I joined Sebago & I think she's decided I'm OK. Not as fantastic as Joe, of course, but an acceptable sort of lesser being.

She surprised me the day I took this picture, though - she'd come down to the dock to see if her guy was around, then walked over to me & gave me a couple of licks on the nose.


Back on duty, here.

Y'know, that is one way that a plain old canoe beats a sea kayak. You can take your dog for a ride.

I worked as a camp counselor one summer when I was in high school in Washington State. I really enjoyed it, but the funny thing is that I think some of my favorite memories from that summer were a couple of weekends when we didn't have kids. Can't remember exactly how Mistie ended up there, my folks may have brought her up, but at any rate, although she wasn't a big water-dog (in fact if she heard the word "bath", her ears would go down & she'd quietly get up & leave the room - not fast, that would be too obvious, just sort of "Oh, I just remembered something I needed to work on in the back room" - of course if you were teasing her you'd call out "OK, no bath" and she'd come running in all happy and waggy and talking about how great not taking a bath was!), she did decide that having me paddle her around Lake Helena in a big aluminum canoe was OK with her.

Otherwise she would've been sitting on the dock waiting for me, just like Sylvie!

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