Monday, January 14, 2008

Silly Sailing Picture Break

So over at Messing Around in Sailboats, Adam has asked people to blog their favorite sailing photos.

Well...ordinarily, I don't think I'd be able to pick. Maybe that one of the Rosemary Ruth from the other day - but I took a few nice pix over the years I worked on the Adirondack, and on top of that Adam didn't say it had to be one of your own so that would be a major tough call...

But I'm just wrapping up that @#*#'in report that I was whining about yesterday. Actually I'm really glad I did come in yesterday - like the kids say, "it's all good" - yeah, it was a rotten way to spend a pretty pretty Sunday, but I did walk out feeling a lot more comfortable with the report & next time shouldn't be half so clunky. Had to get a bit more instruction to finish, but I have slogged through the bulk of it now.

So - yay. I don't mind working hard if at the end of it I can do something better (that's just all-around true - work, boating, whatever).

But cripes, I've worked very very hard this week and it's only Monday. Four more days, and I am going into salt-water withdrawal after the first totally non-boating weekend in a while (I got spoiled over the holidays).

So somehow I find myself feeling all nostalgic about taking this shot:

I Decide To Shoot a Beer Commercial in Anegada - Photo Hosted at Buzznet


OK, break time's over!

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