Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Owe, I Owe, It's Off to Work I Go -

And on an absolutely smashingly gorgeous Sunday, too.

Sigh. I'd rather be paddling. Or maybe today would've been nice for a Coney Island boardwalk stroll.

But I owe some people a report.

I thought I had an older version of a similar report upon which it would be simple to base the new one, but when I started trying to plug info into it on Friday, I discovered that what I really had was one of a former co-workers demonstrations of what an Excel wizard he was.

Anyways, this thing I though I would be able to use to produce a similar report turned out, upon closer inspection, to be so complicated that it's going to be easier to just take the information I already collected & build a new one from scratch. I don't think it's going to be complicated, just time consuming. Did a little mental cost-benefit analysis & decided that the relaxation I would get from paddling would be less than the relaxation I would get from going in, getting this thing done with nobody bothering me, and having a reasonably complete first cut at the presentation in the can before I leave.

Funny how that works, sometimes.

Of course I should have known that nothing this guy had produced working on his own would be simple. My own stupid fault.

Thank goodness yesterday was fun. I did go to the Rivers of Life thing I'd mentioned at the AMNH. Plans ended up being rather thrown to the winds - there were very small children involved, and the programs didn't quite go over with them, so we bailed & just spent a nice afternoon catching up - but JH and I did end up going back to the museum in time to catch the Great South Bay baymen's talk, which was actually the one I was the most interested in catching. It's fascinating to listen to people who actually make a living (or try to make a living) from our local waters.

I have some connection to the waters I paddle & sail, and I have actually earned a fair amount of money doing so, but I'm basically a dilletante & I know it & when I get a chance to hear people like this speak of their view on our waters, I jump at it.

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