Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bull's Bridge Rapids, CT

Just back from a very nice weekend in CT. With a fantastic forecast, the plan was for me & TQ to go do a little hiking on Saturday, then on Sunday, a bunch of Sebago folks were going to meet in Norwalk for a paddle out to the Norwalk Islands.

I'm probably just going to post pictures all week - it's going to be another busy one.

Here's the first set - Bull's Bridge Scenic Area. TQ had decided it would be fun to go up & do a hike in Macedonia Brook State Park, where he used to camp sometimes when he was a kid. The hike ended up being a bit abbreviated; unfortunately it turned out to be a bit longer of a drive than he'd realized - but we also made an unplanned stop for a little while, which I thought was completely fortunate because it was to spend a little time at the Bull's Bridge Scenic Area, which was quite spectacular - turns out that at high water, this area offers the best whitewater play spot for quite some distance & whitewater paddlers come from all over when it's cranking.

Bull's Bridge

The rapids upstream from Bull's Bridge. Not for the novice...

Especially with that phone-pole sized log stuck right there & giving no evidence of budging.

Below the bridge, things look a little less scary -

Still pretty serious stuff, though. See the 2 little specks, one about dead-center in the picture, just about to leave the whitewater beyond the big curling waves, the other over on river right, right before the last bit where the water turns white again? Those are kayakers (click on the picture for a blown-up view if you don't see 'em). The closer one pretty much ran that bit he's just about to finish upside down, and his boat was completely out of sight under the water at a couple of points. He stuck it out & rolled as soon as he could, though. Takes some determination!

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