Friday, September 25, 2009

Carless in Canarsie

OMG, I think I got the next great heartwarming romantic comedy plot of the year.

At first it was just a title I thought of as various emails are flying around trying to sort out how to get various carless people to various destinations where they've promised to help out.

At first I thought "Carless in Canarsie" was a sequel to "Sleepless in Seattle" which starts with Meg Ryan moving to Brooklyn after the tragic night when Sam gets eaten by an orca after he falls overboard while while wearing a seal costume at a Halloween party on a neighboring houseboat.

But no, it's, even better, it's not a sequel, it's an update. Set in, well the last few years. Heartwarming romantic comedy, bright young man from the Midwest (one of those states with lots of canoes, so he's got a childhood of paddling memories) moves to NY, begins a career with a brokerage house, swallows the whole success/money/get-rich-quick mythos, dating a trophy-wife-in-training, overworked, fun consists of hanging out at trendy bars with fellow young lions from the firm...but then one night after, oh, a fight with the slick Manhattan girlfriend, he's up late flipping through the channels when he sees a program about this scrappy little paddling club in Canarsie. Misty flashback to boyhood paddling memories, canoe trips with Mom and Dad and and Buddy the dog, simpler times...he joins & begins going out to the club once every couple of weekends. Drives his fancy car. Eventually he starts giving rides to a spunky, straight-talking, bighearted Brooklyn girl...

It's actually even kind of reversible, it could just as easily be a nice midwestern girl who moves to NY & falls for the fast track, then meets a straight-talking bighearted Brooklyn boy.

Anybody wanna buy a movie plot?

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