Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ever wish you could just stay asleep?

Beautiful day here in Brooklyn. Unfortunately the plan of the day involves an afternoon of catch-up in the office.

Had the most wonderful dream last night. Very vivid. I'd gotten myself back to Hawaii. I had gone to visit Pearlridge, the neighborhood in Aiea where I grew up, & was walking around when I found a little tiny house tucked away on little lot I'd never noticed before. Nice house, sort of that 50's style, white & boxy-looking with a long wall of glass doors across one side (thinking about it awake, I actually think I was just remembering the house in Manoa where my great aunt & uncle lived for years - just moved & a little scaled down). The place was empty, the small yard unkempt, no one was living there. I tried one of the door, it was open. I went in & looked around. Open living area with that wall of glass, then down a little hallway off the end were a bathroom, a bedroom & a small spare room. Really just the right size for a single person, or a couple with no plans for kids - and somehow (remember, this was a dream) I had a feeling that I might actually be able to afford this place, and I was so excited to have found it.

I think I was standing in the spare room thinking how wonderful it would be to have an entire actual room to use as a library & office, with proper shelves for all my books, when I woke up.

And here it is a lovely day in Brooklyn & I have to go to work and now on top of that even more homesick for Hawaii than usual. Bah.

Oh well. Maybe a trip to L&L & a plate lunch for dinner (and haupia for dessert) will make me feel better.

note later...#@&*!!! I haul my okole in to work despite subway shutdown stupidity and here I am with my terminal crashing and crashing and crashing. This takes more that a plate lunch to get over. I need enchantment & wonder. Yep, it's Miyazaki time!

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