Wednesday, September 02, 2009


(swiped from these folks)

Can't remember why I'd stashed it on my hard drive AT WORK but somehow the fact that I stumbled across it on my hard drive AT WORK made it seem like a particularly appropriate topic for a quick posting here AT WORK.

Did I mention it's 9:50 pm?

Did I mention I'm AT WORK?

Naaaah, actually it's not that bad, I'd wrapped up the project I needed to finish & was just getting ready to leave when I remembered I'd promised someone I would send them some pictures for a newsletter. Too many irons in too many fires (most but not all AT WORK) have been making me into a bit of a space cadet so I decided I'd just zap those out before I forgot. I'd just forgotten I had this picture. Figured I'd slap it up here since I'm in the bad-blogger club this week!

BTW this actually happened to a motorboat in NY harbor earlier this summer. Fortunately everyone lived to tell the tale.

I will say that it actually can be harder than you might think to see some freighters in the harbor at night.

I will also say, however, that I bet next time they will think a little more as they select their midnight picnic spot!

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