Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mermaid Musings

I've liked this Coney Island mermaid mural for a long time. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've probably seen her before; she's featured in A Few More Coney Island Pictures back in January & then she also pops up in my Last Day at Astroland Flickr set from September '08.

Funny, though, it wasn't until I sent her along to Mer-meister David at Never Sea Land that I finally figured out what was going on here -

This must be how the mermaids lure the mariners who're stone-deaf from twenty years in the engine room!

(later the same day)

In fact upon further thought, I would bet that this technique predates both the hot dog & the internal combustion engine - the ancient folk of the fin probably went to work on the non-hearing sailor issue immediately after that demoralizing debacle with that Greek guy. I mean, that was in, what 11th or 12th century BCE & we humans are STILL talking about it? Talk about beating a dead (Trojan) horse!

That event really had to be something that had all self-respecting sirenae up in arms (and fins).

(slightly later: oh, ok, one last thought to share before I buckle down & finish the big hairy report that needs to be finished before I go home, ick...)

In fact, a common term we use today may provide a semantic clue supporting my theory.

It would be really hard to concentrate & hold intensive discussions in a place as full of distractions as the ocean, so they probably built a special container that they filled with water and their finest thinkers gathered there to solve the problem at hand.

And thus was the world given the original...


Think Tank!



(Did I mention I'm 2 days out from one of the worst drop-dead deadlines of the year, here?)

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