Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extra-Special Extra-Furry Guest Frogma-Blogger

Please welcome today's very special furry guest blogger, Queens resident Paprika the Ferret! Take it away, Mustelidae!

From Estuary Day at Alley Pond Environmental Center

Oh boy! HI!

*poing poing poing!*

It's almost World Rivers Day, and for us in the US it's also National Estuaries Day!

"Estuary" is a funny word and I would look up in the dictionary except that ferrets can't read. But I think it means "big party" because that's what me and all my friends at the Alley Pond Environmental Center throw every year! It's really great, there's music and craft tables and boat rides and kayak skills demonstration and fishing lessons and all kinds of fun stuffs!


Come celebrate National Big Party Day with us! It's this coming Saturday, September 26th, from 11 am to 3 PM. Be there or -- um -- or be some other place!! yeah!

Thanks for letting me blog, Bonnie! Here's your keyboard back now!


You're welcome, Paprika!

A couple of notes to close -

1. Today's Furry Guest Blogger was brought to you as part of Capt. JP's World Rivers Day Group Blogging Project! Thanks for a great idea JP. I'm so sorry about your whale.

2. Although Paprika is a little confused about what "estuary" means (it's really more the rivers meet the seas, fresh and salt waters mingle, wonderful places full of life, etc.), she's right about the great party they throw at APEC - and that's just one of many, many events going in coastal locations all over the country this weekend! I'm looking forward to it this year although I'm terribly bummed out that we accidentally scheduled the annual Carnasie Pol Trash Bash on the same day this year!

3. BTW, the "someplace other place" link Paprika finished off with? That's a whole list of Coastal Cleanup location in the NYC area. Coastal Cleanup Day is officially September 19th but in a big city with as many miles of coastline as NYC has got, the cleaning goes on pretty much every weekend until early October.

4. Anybody else find it interesting that ferrets can't read, but apparently can handle rudimentary HTML?

5. And speaking of ferrets & HTML, I fear that by using a ferret that goes "Poing!" as a guest blogger, I have revealed that I really am a geek (gasp! no!). The great thing is that if you know why use of a poinging ferret in a blog post reveals a level of geekitude above & beyond that revealed by simply being a blogger in the first place, you're just as bad as me!


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