Monday, November 02, 2009

Antipodean Blogging!

Hey, I've been tagged!

I'd like to say I can't remember the last time I got tagged, but I can, because I still feel bad for just plain not doing 'em. I wanted to, but my life just gets a little crazy from time to time - hardly have time sometimes to do the posts I think of & would like to do myself, let alone the posts somebody else would like me to do!

But when somebody reached out to tag ne from far away in Australia (hi Chosha!), and it turned out to be a pretty simple tag, I decided to play!

The way it works is basically this: Excluding the person who tagged you (because that would just be silly) you find the person on your blogroll (or if you don't have a blogroll, the blogs you like to browse) who is the farthest away from you. You can use one of the myriad distances-between-cities tools you can find on Google (I liked this one) to do this.

You link to them, and you link back to the person who linked to you.

You give a few statistics, and that's all there is to it! Not bad!

The idea is that a person could follow the links back to the originator of the game (who I think may be just a couple of states south of me here in NY).

I was pretty sure that for me, excluding Chosha, that was going to be FH20, the Kuching Kayaker himself.

But I was wrong. Turns out that Singapore is a hair's-breadth (speaking on a global scale) farther away, and that's the place that Full Moon's Huey calls home.

But alas, Huey hasn't posted since July. Looks like work was getting tough for him. I can sure understand that.

FH20, on the other hand, posted last week. Mwahahahaaaaa.

So I'm going to tag the runner up! FH20, want to play?

I'll just close with the requested statistics:

The distance from Brooklyn, USA, to Kuching, Malaysia is:

9,517 miles
15,316 km
8,270 nautical miles (that wasn't part of the original request but since FH20 & I are both boaters, I thought that was appropriate).

Distance now traveled by this tag:

29,328 miles
47,200 km

Now I just wish I had the know-how to set up a shared map where the progress of the tag could be tracked. That would be pretty cool. Something like this, I guess.

Oh, and in case you were curious - the actual winner won by all of about 50 miles. Singapore is around 9570 miles from Brooklyn.

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