Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Contractor death in GE dredging

Further to the dredging - sad sad story from up the river - two of the men who were working on the dredging went over a dam. One died.

Terrible addition to the cost.

Now, I suspect that my returns to the subject of the new NYS lifejacket law may be getting annoying, but I do find myself wondering if the one who survived could possibly be the first person who owes his life to that law. Of course the dredging company may have had their own workplace safety rules on the matter, plus they may have known that they were in trouble early enough that they would have had time to don the pfd's anyhow (you aren't always given that when things go wrong out on the water, but I suspect the two knew the stretch of the river where they were disabled & would've known the drop was coming), but the point is that both were wearing lifejackets, one made it to an island & was able to call for help, and the other was alive when they pulled him from the water -- it sounds like whatever chance he did have, he had because he was wearing his lifejacket. And as it is, they were able to get him out of the water on the spot, without anyone else having to take the risk of going in themselves, and at least his family & friends are spared that awful wait. I know it's not much - but it is something.

No lifejackets, and I just think that the chances are good that that article would have ended with "Divers are searching for both".

Sorry. Frogma will return to normal cheeriness with the next post, which will be for the birds.

p.s. - Thanks for the link, Andy.

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