Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NYC Halloween from the Sidelines.

Ah, quick, just popping this up on my lunch break, before it's too late, this has been sitting in drafts since Saturday!

Sidelines? Maybe even more like out by the refreshment stands. Ah well.

This is a city that loves Halloween. The heart of the NYC Halloween hoopla is always the big parade in the Village. The costumes are amazing and creative & run the gamut from sublime to the ridiculous, tons of fun to watch, but it's always a jam-packed mob scene of exactly the sort that, combined with being very fond of heading home after work & not leaving Brooklyn on weekends, makes me tend to skip the whole thing.

This year, since I had to work, I did bring my camera. Figured that if I could wrap up enough, I'd reward myself with a photographic foray into the freakiness.

Didn't happen, too much work to do - but even without going after it, I still saw a good bit of Halloween fun just getting to & from work.

People sure have fun with it here.

On the subway. The demon was pushing a stroller, btw.

In a shop window. Actually this could just be a normal weekend attention-getter at Lululemon, local funky cosmetics vendor Ricky's had various men walking in high heels on a treadmill in their window for weeks this summer, but I bet the guy is not normally wearing a lucha libra mask.

The party's over...

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