Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upcoming Events - Fundraiser on Sunday 11/22/09, Public Hearing on Tuesday 11/24/09

Sorry, I lied. These are absolutely not for the birds, but there are 2 events I thought worth mentioning -

1. Already mentioned it here, but don't forget, this coming Sunday the Hoboken Cove Boathouse folks are holding a fundraising shindig in Hoboken, which sounds like a lot of fun. My plans for the day don't include a trip to Hoboken - I've decided that even though I could and probably should work both days this weekend to get to a comfortable point for the Thanksgiving weekend, darn it, I am going paddling with my friends on Sunday, and it would be tough to squeeze in a paddle and a trip to Jersey on the same day. But doesn't a Pirate Circus sound like fun? I should be embarrassed, that's supposed to be the kiddie entertainment, but honestly that's what I'd really like to see! - and it's a nice bunch, so I just figured I'd mention it again.

2. Nowhere near as much fun as a Pirate Circus, but shoot, I reallyreallyreally WISH I wasn't so crazed at work, 'cause I'd really like to take a long lunch break for this public hearing.
RE: Oversight: Improving Public Recreational Boating Access in the New York City Waterfront

Please be advised that the Committee on Waterfronts will hold a hearing on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. in the 14th Floor Hearing Room, 250 Broadway, New York, NY regarding the above-referred topic.

Rob at the Village Community Boathouse (and also the guy behind the New York Harbor Beaches site, which is a good one) was curious for a little more detail, checked in with someone in the know & came back with the following additional info -

"...hearing was a followup on one they held three years ago, at which time they asked the parks department to explain their vision for expanding access to the water. this hearing is an 'oversight' hearing to see how they've done and what their plans are for the future."

I'd like to note that it says "Recreational Boating Access", not "Kayak Access" - we're not talking just kayak launches here, this should be of interest to folks with all sorts of craft, from SUP-er to yachtie & everything in between. We kayakers have done well with access in the last few years, we've got this whole great network of access points now in the NYC Watertrail, in part simply because a kayak is hands down THE easiest craft for which to provide access (if there is any way for a person to actually get down to the water on foot, you can probably launch a kayak there) but also because there are a lot of us and we all go say our bits at these things & people at parks listened (and oh, yes, one key person who was listening & in a position to do something also happens to like paddling herself, yay!). Still, I know that people with larger craft (helloooooo, Puffin people, non-Peconic variety!) find places to tie up to be few & far between, and as far as trailer sailors (hellooooo, Dennis G!) - well, I'm not sure exactly where you could put one of those in the water around here. Sebago is a public launch site & when we're open in the summertime, we can accomodate hand-launchable dinghies up to a certain size, but Liberty State Park in Jersey is the only place I'm sure of where there is an actual launch ramp for cars with trailers.

If you plan to attend, don't forget to bring your photo ID, & don't forget to leave the cutlery at home, as they usually xray your bag & have you go through a metal detector when you enter a government building here. I did get through security with a pocket knife in a backpack once, didn't realize I had it until later, but it's really better to be unarmed when you turn up there!

NEXT post will be for the birds. Honest!

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