Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Tough Turkeys -

Well, I was joking in my last post about Brooklyn turkeys being tough, but apparently the ones you REALLY don't want to mess with are the Staten Island variety!


PeconicPuffin said...

The wild turkeys of eastern Suffolk are stark raving mad. What's worse is they know it, and they know you know it. They make eye contact and practically say "that's right...that's right...I'm BONKERS! wanna piece of me?" They're quite entertaining (when they aren't sizing you up for mayhem.)

O Docker said...

I guess it's just a matter of time before those brazen birds start riding the ferry over to Manhattan.

Besides just bulls and bears, we'll then start hearing about the turkeys on Wall St.

Come to think of it, they must be riding the ferry already.

bonnie said...

That would definitely explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Don said...

Since they are released domestic turkeys they should be fair game for the dog catcher even if hunting isn't allowed.

The suggestion of dressing them up as Canada geese won't work because waterfowl hunting is also not allowed in the city.

bonnie said...

Oh, you can't hunt Canada geese in the city for sport, but the city was rounding them up & gassing them en mass during the molting season this year. Hence the goose costume suggestion.

Don said...

My kid saw a turkey flying across the interstate get tangled in the rear view mirror of a semi. Flailing around like a 20 pound bowling ball in the 65 mph wind.

The most bonkers wildlife I've seen is a deer that tried to jump over my car (me inside). He didn't make it and left a dent.