Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soundbounder Checks Out Hauled-Out Clearwater

Swamped swamped swamped here at work, but just couldn't resist tossing up a quick post with a link to Soundbounder. Matthew is up in CT & when he heard that the sloop Clearwater was being hauled out in Norwalk, he made a trip to check out her bottom.

Wait, that doesn't sound right...

BTW, Matthew's photos remind me of a T.C. Boyle novel that people who are interested in the Hudson River Valley might really enjoy - World's End. I was actually first attracted to it by the name - there are a lot of great names along the Hudson (Crum's Elbow - Anthony's Nose - Storm King - Breakneck Ridge - wonderful, eh?) and World's End is one of my favorites - it's also one of the most beautiful spots on the Hudson, where the river bends sharply at West Point. Loved the story - actually it's more like 2, the novel is set in 2 separate centuries - you see storylines getting kicked off among the 17th century Dutch & Indian inhabitants of the area, and how their Woodstock-era descendants play out the historical legacies of their forefathers. Wish I had a little more time to tell you about it, but I'm reminded of it because it does feature a sloop that's built by a local folksinger who wants to bring people's attention to the environmental crisis that's threatening the Hudson.

All resemblances to actual folksingers & sloops, living or living, are, I'm sure, entirely intentional.

ps - welcome back, Dennis G. Moonstruck!


moonstruck said...

World's End is a beautiful place to see. Pete Seegar and the Weavers came to our school (PS 145) and sang in our music class in the early 50 ies when they were blackballed for being commies. Good news is that Pete has burried all his enemies.!!! You can always see pete hanging around Beacon Sloop Club driving his electric Ford Ranger. My kids can sing "Little Boxes" by heart.

Dennis G

bonnie said...

Did you see the sailboat version?


Little Bathtubs

And for all of us Facebook users, Matthew has provided a link to a FANTASTIC shot of World's End. Head on over & you will see what Dennis & I are talking about.

kayakbrooklyn said...

I was up on the top of High Tor a couple weeks ago. Amazing 360 degree view at the bend below West Point.

I think that may have been the most beautiful view of the Hudson that I have seen.

tugster said...

i am right now reading "world's end" for the first time and love it!!

amovablebridge said...

I read World's End last summer and loved it. Here's what I had to say about it.