Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NYICFF - "The Audition!" (featuring my seal along with a whole CREW of crazy characters!)

The end result of a fantastically fun evening at Barry Rosenthal Studio, where a bunch of grown-ups gathered last Thursday to "play with clay, drink cocktails, and make a movie!" The event was a benefit for one of my favorite not-for-profits, the New York International Children's Film Festival (a search of this blog will find raves about Sita Sings the Blues and The Secret of Kells -- in fact at this point perhaps I should give in and add "Animation" to my tag category, there's enough to earn it now, I think), the animation was done under the guidance of filmmakers Andy & Carolyn London of London Squared, and the characters came straight out of our imaginations! A fabulous evening doing something I've always always ALWAYS wanted to try. I AM going to do a Frogma post about it but the Finished Product came out today and I just couldn't wait to show this off! Watch for my seal!


O Docker said...

I knew it.

It IS a trained seal.

clairesgarden said...


bonnie said...

Yeah, he did pretty well but I think he got stage fright & rushed the ball trick a bit. Think we'll work through it on own a bit more. A little herring & a little encouragement & I think he can slow it down & have a more relaxed performance.

But seriously - I happened to work with Carolyn, and she gave me all kinds of hints as to how we could improve the scene if we had a little more time & really encouraged me to keep playing with this on my own - she really thought I did very well for a first-timer! We all got to take our creations home at the end of the day, the seal is currently sitting on a curio shelf at home but once I acquire a few necessary items (more clay, software, a tripod & some lights) I'll try the scene again!

Pandabonium said...

Excellent! Before too long you will be a claymation star.

That's a neat project to get involved with. Love to see people getting creative in an environment like that. I thought the swan was cool too, and likewise it could use more time.

JP said...

What fun :)

bonnie said...

It was so much fun that when I had to work on Saturday (giving up a really good paddle on an absolutely stunning day to do so), I rewarded myself afterwards with a trip to an art supply place to buy some clay.

Now all I need is some free time to play with it. Unfortunately that's been totally nonexistent this week. Next week might have a little more of that though.