Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir

One quick kayak interjection before I get back to the tugboats - here's a totally random plug for a book I haven't read by an author I don't think I've met. Just saw a postcard with the picture shown while I was walking from the elevator to my cubicle this morning. I don't usually make a practice of reading other people's mail but I couldn't resist sneaking a peek (and the editor in question is a very nice person anyways).

She had me with "MY REACH is a book about the Hudson River as seen from the perspective of my kayak". Sounds good, huh?

click here to visit her website for more information & some sample reading.


Susan Fox Rogers said...
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Susan Fox Rogers said...

Thank you for sneaking a peek...and for this plug on your lively blog.

bonnie said...

Ah you found it! You're welcome! Hope I can make your reading in Yonkers, that sounds like fun (and a very good chance to catch up with my friends in Yonkers who I don't see very often these days).