Monday, October 29, 2012

11 am gust, Sandy over 200 miles away.

Safe at home, looking out my bedroom window. This was a gust around 11 in the morning - main storm is still a couple hours away. This one's going to be rough. I'll be fine, I'm fairly far inland in Brooklyn (I am actually in an evacuation zone, but I'm in the last one, which only gets cleared out for a Category 3 or worse - Sandy was Category 1, last I checked), and I'm all stocked up for a day or two at home.

Here's a status update I just shared with a Facebook friend who was wishing us luck:

We're totally shut down here - schools closed, stock markets closed, bridges and tunnels closing at 2:00, no public transportation, evacuation zone A (low-lying coastal areas) got cleared out, I think they started yesterday. This morning's high water came up to what Irene gave us last year, they expect tonight's high plus surge to add another foot, and Irene was about 6 inches from overtopping the bulkheads around downtown.

Anybody ignoring the evacuations had better have their water wings. I'll be fine, I'm just barely in evacuation zone C, we're high and dry still - mostly worried about friends who live closer to the water (and of course boats that friends weren't able to haul out). Here's a view outside a bit before 3:00, when I realized that I was about to run out of cough suppressant - that was stupid, I have asthma that only really kicks in when I have a cold, but I've had a cold and I should have thought of this as part of my hurricane prep. Really need to keep the coughing quelled, that gets the asthma going & then it gets into a vicious cycle and I just didn't want that to happen with this storm going on. Fortunately this is where the city beats the 'burbs hands down - I don't have to drive to a store, the stores are just downstairs! The drugstore on the corner was closed, but the Rite-Aid a few blocks away was still open, the manager was getting ready to shut down and send his people home (good for him!) but I was able to get my drugs. Figured I'd take my camera! Tonight's appetizer - "Sandy Salad" (2nd to last of my garden's ripe tomatoes with a little)

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Pat said...

Sounds as though you'll be safe. With luck, you might be in enough of a big bad city to keep electricity going.