Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kentucky Barn Cats (and a famous horse).

So I mentioned being mistaken for a cat hater during one of my post garden-used-as-litterbox rants...well, they may have something after all, because here I am clearly tormenting a poor defenseless barn cat. This is Miles, the hardworking Assistant Rodent Management Specialist at Three Chimneys Farm. It's raining, he's just helped see us tourists around the stud facility, and all he wants are a few pets and scratches in return.

And what do I do? I take pictures. Such a meany, right?

Here would be nice. This cheek. Right here. Yes.
Or here, on the top of the head. Right between the ears. Yeah.

Hey, lady. Come on. Enough is enough.

Put down the dang camera and PET ME ALREADY!!!

I did of course. Who wouldn't?

 This is Francesca, the very lovely Head of Rodent Management at Three Chimneys, Miles' boss, who is also a member of the Hospitality Committee. I found it difficult to take a picture of Francesca because every time I showed any interest in her she would come walking right up to me figuring I wanted to pet her. Again, I did, of course.

Poor Francesca. Such a lonely, neglected creature. (Ha. I think she extracted at least one pets-and-scratches session from everyone on the tour). 

Over in the corner, that little ball of white with black patches is not a soccer ball, that is the cat whose job it is to sleep in Seattle Slew's old stall. Everybody sing along! "Nice work, if you can get it..."
And here is Swaps, stable cat at Darby Dan.
Oh, these Kentucky stable cats, so aloof.
Oh, but we went to Kentucky to see the horses, almost forgot, sorry, here you...
oh, oops. Sorry...(rummage rummage rummage)... HERE you go. Here is a horse. Nice horse, yeah? What was his name again? Point in point...oh, Point something or other, sigh...
And I'll close with a nice Mo-neigh by Smarty Jones. And for once I deny all responsibility for that pun. Pun and painting both property of Three Chimneys.


my2fish said...

great pics of the cats! as I was growing up, we had several barn cats over the years that looked just like Miles and Swaps.

bonnie said...

Miles just cracked me up with that paw reach - Swaps and Francesca were very friendly but Miles was just desperate to be petted.

I think Francesca may get more attention 'cause she's all fluffy and pretty and actually the most outgoing of the cats at Three Chimneys - she'd stayed in the stables, though, while Miles had followed us back to the office through the pouring rain. We were out on the porch and I'd petted him a little bit and he really did want me to put down the camera and get back to that!

bonnie said...

Swaps got that ear tussling with a raccoon, btw.

clairesgarden said...

looks like a fabulous place,always room for cats in a stable.

bonnie said...

Hard to imagine a stable without at least one cat, right?