Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Greeting from NYC, and a snowflake generator

Rockefeller Center Tree 2012
Rockefeller Center Tree 2012
57th St. Snowflake

Merry Christmas and (in case I don't get in another post before then) Happy New Year from NYC! Much family togetherness, no kayaking this year - just back from a long-overdue visit to TQ's folks, and now getting ready for an even MORE overdue visit to the relatives in Texas - haven't been there since 2007. The trip is turning out to be very confusing somehow, plans seem to change every time I hear from my folks, but whatever happens, it should be fun, Mom's side of the family finally gets to meet the guy I've been dating for ages, I'll get to practice driving a bit (eek, look out Texas, it's been a while!), and maybe we'll even hunt down a little barbeque this time (I think my aunt & uncle aren't big BBQ fans so we haven't really ever done that, but with TQ coming along I thought maybe we could put in a request, and it's met with a friendly reception).

We're not really doing presents, I hope (although I've gotten everything else wrong so I may have gotten that wrong too), but of course I have got some NYC goodies to take along - a box of Teuscher, which I've managed to stay out of, mostly by bribing myself with other kinds of candy...note to self: please stop being a slug and resume exercising after New Year, and then I made a special quick run into the city today after we got back from CT 'cause I found out that Joe's Dairy was open today (they're usually closed Mondays but since it's the day before Christmas they made an exception. Have smoked mozzarella & sausage, will travel!
Wanna make a snowflake? Click here for the Barkley US Snowflake Generator! The snowflake generator is fun, I made this one for the purpose of embellishing the "on-vacation" sign I put up on my computer at work on my last night before vacation, I was beginning to feel festive & couldn't resist dressing up the sign a bit.

Note later: Oy. I am recalling now why I started staying in Brooklyn for the holidays. The changes to the family holiday plans were tricky to keep up with but I was more or less following. But then US Airways decided to get into the "confuse the heck out of this poor woman" game too. It's like those coffee commercials - "We've secretly replaced Bonnie and TQ's Christmas day flight with a boxing day flight. Let's see what happens!" Thank goodness for online check in, I called US Air and a helpful rep there saw what had happened & helped get us back into flying on Christmas day. I am crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong and I'm not uncrossing them until we pull into my aunt & uncle's driveway. Here we go, fingers crossed, Boy iet;s haerd to typw thid way!


Baydog said...

Smoked mootz rules!! Merry Christmas Bonnie, TQ, and family!

bonnie said...

Thanks Baydog, and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your whole family!

O Docker said...

Enjoy the traditional Texas Christmas rib dinner.

And take some solace in that at least your luggage will be going to Hawaii this Christmas.

bonnie said...

Christmas dinner was actually ramen in Philadelphia!

We did get plenty of good Texas barbecue, though. Round 1 was from Rudy's, which is a kind of famous place that started near San Antonio and now has branches - my cousin once removed Ross & his wife Katy brought that from Houston. The next day we went local with a place called Mackenzie's - the Bennie J's place I'd picked out had good reviews on Trip Advisor, but my aunt said that locals mostly preferred Mackenzie's and I would generally go for local faves over internet raves. Both were delicious & aside from 2 initial face-stuffing sessions, I also made a couple of refrigerator raids - there were plenty of leftovers!

O Docker said...

I don't recall Philadelphia being in Texas, but they say everything has changed since I lived there.