Monday, December 03, 2012

Post - Sandy - Volunteer day in Rockaway

On our way to Beach 30th playground.Mountains moved.Carl marks our starting lineThe cavalry arrives!Me and CarlCarl carting sand.
The kids at workFinishing touches -End of the day -Rockaway boardwalkSandy rubbleShore Front & Beach 90 (or so)
Another view of the lost boardwalkOne more boardwalk shotHeading down to check out the gathering.One more out to sea shotThe gathering was just breaking up -Rock Jetties Now - and get that pigeon!
Rock Jetty WagonA few last questions for Congressman MeeksAgain - post-hurricane boardwalk in jettyless area -Where the damage begins -Rockaway surfer ends her day.Pavement buckled like paper

Via Flickr:
For a lot of us, things are back to normal - but not for the people who live on the city's edge. They'll still be cleaning up for a long time. I joined Carl Steiniger, a fellow NYC kayaker, who's been doing an amazing amount of volunteering in the wake of the storm. I'd done one day at Coney Island and reading his Facebook posts, I decided to join him for another. Another rewarding day, and a good reminder for me of how far from normal things still are for so many people in this city. Visit this gallery on Flickr for a better view of our volunteer day and subsequent trip down the peninsula to the Gil Hodges Bridge, and a couple of links about the rally for jetties we happened to stumble across just as it was breaking up.

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