Monday, September 09, 2013

Ditmas/Midwood Rainbow Redux (this time in the sunshine)

Not the post I thought I was going to do tonight, but it got a little too late to get going on that one, particularly since that one's going to involve picking a few favorite photos from an extremely photogenic day on the water (there's a Flickr album for the gluttons for punishment but for the blog, I just want a few of the best and I'm REALLY bad at choosing).

Instead, here was today's fun - Full Spectrum in Midwood/Ditmas Park!

This was based on a picture-taking game I decided to play one day in 2010 when I happened to be carrying a camera and as I walking around in my neighborhood, which is notable for its handsome old Victorian homes. Victorian Flatbush was sort of an early version of the suburbs, with purchasers being able to pick from a range of options for their homes - they could mix and match, so you don't really see any identical homes, but it's fun to walk around the neighborhood looking for the individual pieces that match (I showed a couple of samples in this post). 

That day, though, I'd been struck by a whim as I was looking at the pretty paint jobs on the homes, and I decided to go after colors - specifically, a full spectrum! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it without cheating by using just a sample of trim or something for some of the more offbeat colors, but in the end it turned out that there actually are homes in every color of the rainbow in my neighborhood.

Click here to see the results of that first one.

The one thing about that day was that it was sort of overcast. The colors showed up nicely but I'd wanted to redo it on a day when things would be a little sparklier. As tends to happen with me a lot, though, I put it on the back burner and then forgot about it, until a little earlier this year when a neighbor posted a photo of the very same very green house that I had used for my green house back then, only on a lovely sunny day. Still took me a while to get around to it, I had to have the trifecta of having a nice sunny day, remembering that I wanted to do it, and not having anything else that I had to do that day. Today I finally got all three of those together, and on top of that it was a lovely afternoon for wandering around.

And here's the set! 

And here's a bonus pretty flower on a tree that just caught my eye as I was walking by. 

So that was Sunday (or at least a couple of hours of Sunday). Next up - Saturday's fun! Photos and a bit of a writeup from doing kayak support for this year's Aquarium oops, no, Manhattan Beach Triple Dip, with the Coney Island - Brighton Beach Open Water SwimmersThis is the 2nd swim I've helped out with this year, and as usual, the schwag was terrific!
 CIBBOWS always has great designs for their swims, Bowsprite has done some fantastic drawings for them in the past and this year? Well, I liked the mermaid design for Grimaldo's Mile, but I was absolutely tickled when I saw that designer Melinda Beck had given her a handsome consort for the Triple Dip. Googie-licious! 


Frankie Perussault said...

Amazing!... sorry Bonnie if I don't read blogs regularly any more. I don't even write mine either. These houses are proof that America is a free country... Yeah yeah! Here in France you could not do that. You have to 'declare' what you are going to do to your house and some administration tells you if it's ok. For a challenge I started painting my front door at my old dig in Chazelet (not where I live now) in all sorts of colours but I chickened out and stopped :-(

bonnie said...

Thanks, Frankie, glad you enjoyed this!

You can read more about the neighborhood here if you're interested. There are limits to what homeowners in my neighborhood can do to their homes as it is a historic district, but there's a tradition of Victorian homes being painted in vibrant colors - they are called "Painted Ladies" and these homes are all nice examples - although the orange one is brasher than you usually see! If I had a house I would never have the nerve to paint it like that - but these folks did and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Other neighborhoods, there is actually a lot of freedom, but that's sometimes considered to be to the detriment of the neighborhood. I used to live in a neighborhood called Windsor Terrace and that neighborhood was so noted for really terrible 1970's renovations that the term "Windsor Terrorized" was coined to describe the style!

Frankie Perussault said...

Thanks for your explanations, Bonnie. I am back on google chrome and putting my favorite blogs nicely in my bookmarks bar, so, I'll be reading you again!... keep rowing!