Friday, September 20, 2013

Fish on Friday (doodle-y doo...)

  I just can't worry about what the fox says until I have figured out what color the parrotfish is. Tonight I got a whim to try to draw a couple of fish I took a picture of in Hanauma Bay, last time I was home. I think that a very beautiful knitted rainbow fish I saw on Facebook may have been behind it (click here to see if you're on Facebook). It was a little too late to paint when I got home but I busted out the colored pencils, a parrotfish really is a lot of colors!

  Oh, and for any friends who haven't spent the bulk of September in their cubicle and so missed the latest craze - seems Norwegian foxes say some whacky stuffs.


my2fish said...

what the heck was that song? crazy.

bonnie said...

ring-ding-dingedy ding ding ding!

bonnie said...

Actually a friend suggested on Facebook that since we know the fish goes blub, then perhaps his color is actually ring-ding-dingedy ding ding ding. And if ever a fish was that color, well, I think the parrotfish may well be the one.