Monday, July 14, 2014

Falling behind!

Oh, gosh, I need about a week of really crummy weather to catch up here! I was, as I mentioned, holding back to keep the City of Water Day post on top (that event went very nicely and at least one person came due to my social media efforts - always fun to meet somebody you've been Facebook friends with for a long time!), but now I'm feeling seriously backlogged (backblogged?). I have unshared pix going back 3 weekends now, eek, and we've got the insanely photogenic annual Orient Point trip coming up next weekend!

July 4th weekend was fantastic; there was the fireworks party at Victoria and Steve's - I shared my best fireworks pictures but I was going to do an Empire State Building selection too, with those new LED lights they put on quite a show - here's one: 

And then I spent both Saturday and Sunday at the club. Saturday I sort of accidentally-on-purpose "forgot" my camera, thinking of all the backlog from the weekend before - but we had a lovely club paddle to Spring Creek, where we got deeper into the marsh than I think I've been before, followed by hot dogs and burgers and wine (oh my) back at the club. Lovely day out there - a little on the breezy side, with the wind against us on the homeward-bound leg, but that just made the burgers taste that much better. 

Sunday was the 2nd Sailing Committee cruise of the 2014 season and for that, I did bring my camera. I love this old boat on Ruffle Bar, I always feel like I could post it and claim that it's somewhere in the Caribbean - although in this shot if a person looks closely there's a dead giveaway (click on the photo for a detail view).

We had a terrific sail, we had much better wind than we had for the first cruise, and the "Usual Suspects" were joined by a lot of newer sailors - this year's annual sailing class was apparently full of naturals who dealt well with some pretty breezy conditions during their lesson and then were willing to come back for more punishment! We ended up with 14 boats and 17 people, if that's not a record, it's got to be close - we had a great day out there, it was one of those days where the bay just feels like such an escape. Click here for a Flickr album of the day. Hope you enjoy!  


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to be so busy enjoying yourself! I tend to run about 5 weeks late with things at the moment, I threaten to stop doing anything until I've caught up on life, but somehow end up going for yet another paddle instead!

bonnie said...

I was cracking up a couple of weeks ago - I announced on Facebook that I was THRILLED to have a weekend day with nothing scheduled -- and all of my friends started suggesting Things For Me To Do! Summer gets so busy, the occasional day where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything all day is just HEAVENLY.

Actually the 4th of July itself brought some nice down-time, I had the party in the evening but it was a sort of drizzly day, just perfect for sleeping in and doing odds and ends around the house. That was VERY nice.

bonnie said...

A friend who understood the joy of the free day explained to my eager beaver buddies, "having nothing to do and doing nothing are very different things".

Anonymous said...

I understand completely how you feel. There's sometimes nothing better than a "sneaky" quiet day!

Pandabonium said...

I have a falling behind. I need more exercise. :)

Beautiful pics in the Flickr album. Such a neat place to sail to. Good fun.